Individual Workplace Relations

Providing options and suggested approaches to individuals in relation to workplace conflict or employee relations, including potential redundancies, returning to work after parental leave, raising grievances in the workplace, responding to disciplinary action or performance management, employment contracts, leave entitlements and unfair dismissal claims.

Employee Engagement

Serving as a mentor and “go-to person” for Managing Directors, Managers, Team Leaders and other senior staff to provide guidance and support in working within an employee-engaged framework.

Part of this support involves coaching managers and senior employees regarding the benefits of an engaged workforce and encouraging them to have constructive discussions with their teams on a regular basis to ensure and maintain positive direct employee relationships.

Workplace Investigations

Undertaking discrete investigations involving, for example, employee grievances, allegations of inappropriate conduct, minor or serious disciplinary matters, absenteeism and long term illness in the workplace. Such workplace investigations will ensure obligations of procedural fairness are met and employers ensure any complaints are dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

Industrial Instruments

Advising on Enterprise Agreements, Modern Award terms and conditions and National Employment Standards. Including, assisting in negotiations of collective agreements, interpreting current collective agreements, ensuring that the NES is considered appropriately within such instruments and a consideration as to whether the workplace would benefit from a collective agreement.

Fair Work Australia

Providing assistance in understanding the Fair Work Australia framework. Including, advising on the rights and obligations under the framework in regards to pay, leave, hours of work, industrial action and union membership and flexibility in the workplace. Also, assistance is provided in minimising risks with respect to unfair and unlawful dismissals.

HR Policies and Procedures

Developing policies and procedures that clearly set out an employer’s expectations of its employees and their responsibilities within the workplace.


  • Code of Conduct
  • EEO
  • Bullying, harassment and discrimination
  • Use of email, internet and social media
  • Workplace Surveillance

Induction and Training

Providing training, including during induction for new employees, on anti bullying, harassment, discrimination and EEO – both for managers and employees. It is critical that managers and employees are aware of their obligations to minimise risks to the employer and effectively manage and prevent such behaviour in the workplace.

Change Management

Assisting organisations with significant changes and restructures, including changes in employee numbers.