Kirsten helped prepare our case for a major workplace change. Her ability to grasp the technical details of what was required and develop comprehensive and persuasive arguments was the key driver in delivering a successful outcome. Such outcomes mean the profitability of the company was enhanced and we were able to continue to be a viable employer in the community.

- S.T, South Coast

I cannot thank Kirsten enough for guiding me through a very stressful unfair dismissal procedure with my employer. From the very first meeting, she gave me accurate advice in a professional and honest manner. Her complete understanding and knowledge of the IR/HR laws, coupled with her vast experience as a workplace lawyer cannot be underestimated. I honestly would have been lost without her helping me through a terribly stressful and anxious time. In the end, I came away with a very favourable result and don't think this would have been possible without her expertise in this area.

- M.S, Wollongong
"Kirsten assisted our organisation with managing various issues in our workplace including inappropriate workplace behaviour, underperformance and termination of employment. Kirsten brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table when providing guidance on how to manage these issues and not only appreciates the technical and procedural aspects of managing these issues, but the commercial and strategic requirements of an organisation."
- DM, Sydney


KTconsulting is a specialised provider of industrial and employee relations and human resources in the Wollongong and greater Illawarra area.

Utilising vast IR/HR expertise, both in an advisory and legal capacity, KTconsulting provides services primarily to small and medium-sized businesses and individuals.



Individual Workplace Relations
Providing options and suggested…
Employee Engagement
Serving as a mentor and “go-to person” for Managing Directors…
Workplace Investigations
Undertaking discrete investigations involving, for example…
Industrial Instruments
Advising on Enterprise Agreements, Modern Award terms…
Fair Work Australia
Providing assistance in understanding the Fair Work Australia…
HR Policies and Procedures
Developing policies and procedures that clearly set out…
Induction and Training
Providing training, including during induction for new employees…
Change Management
Assisting organizations with significant changes and restructures…